Adventure Whitewater is a great example of the Bullet Demo program working well for a commercial outfitter. After starting with a 12′ Demo in 2009, Adventure Whitewater gradually expanded their fleet to include Guide Series, Outfitter Series, and our new prototype seamless boats. Adventure Whitewater sent in the above video showing off their new Seamless Demo on California’s spectacular Salmon River. Bullet offers custom-built demos of our Guide Series and Outfitter Series boats, and Seamless Prototypes on special request.  If you’re interested in a demo, let us know.  We’ll work with you to make sure you receive a demo that is custom-built to your specs.


40% Off Bullet Demo Program


To sign up for the Bullet Demo Program, interested professionals should contact us.  We know it’s not easy to switch to a new product.  Your initial investment is followed by the question: how will this live up to my expectations?  We are so confident that Bullet Watercraft will exceed your expectations that we offer a demo program for outfitters and professional guides.  At this time, our demo program is only offered in the continental USA.


Every year Bullet offers a 40% margin discount on ten 14′ and 16′ PVC rafts, five each, to outfitters and professional guides who can certify their role in the industry.  A 60% MSRP payment will get you one new Bullet to own.


Bullet’s Demo Program allows for a maximum of one boat per party.  We offer our boats to proven professionals with resumes and references.  Bullet reserves the right to expand or discontinue its demo program without notice.