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New to Bullet?  There’s a reason Bullets are popular:  they are the best designed inflatable whitewater river rafts on the market, regularly used by professionals to run demanding whitewater.  And they are available to customize and purchase right here, online.  Or take a look at one through local reps and retail stores while customizing your next Guide, Outfitter, or Cat Watercraft.
Visit our Home Page to get started, or consider these reasons to choose Bullet:
  • Streamlined Ordering

    See what options are available for our Guide, Outfitter, or Cat Watercraft right here, online.  Or contact us to get your hands on a demo Bullet by speaking with a local rep or retail location.

  • Custom Built Boats – Your Colors and Specs

    Match your organization, team, company or personality with your selection of colors and specs.  Bullet is the first and only company to avoid mass-production: custom building every boat for a particular owner.   A limited number of promotional boats and demos are available for immediate purchase each year.

  • World-Class Design

    Built by professionals with decades of experience and a passion for clean design and innovation. An example of Bullet’s care and attention to detail: re-locating seams on thwarts to protect from tearing toe- and finger-nails; one of rafting’s most common injuries. Or take a look at Bullet’s revolutionary CPS Thwarts, receiving great reviews from outfitters and professionals.

  • Industry Winning 6-Year Warranty

    Bullets boats are crafted to meet meticulous standards of quality, and its 6-Year Warranty and company history stand behind them.  In 2008, Bullet started small and cautiously, offering a 3-Year Warranty on its boats.  As feedback and testing perfected its products, and as Bullets easily met commercial use demands for three years, Bullet doubled its warranty to an exceptional 6-Years.

  • More Boat for Your Buck

    Bullets are the best boat for your buck.  Bullet’s goal is to build the best boats in the business and keep them priced fairly.  As former guides and outfitters we understand the financial constraints of the industry and today’s economy. Bullets consistently beat the competition on specs such as size, tube diameter, number of chambers, and material per dollar.