Boat Specs

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In 2011, Bullet introduced the Guide Series and Outfitter Series to distinguish between two thicknesses of material used in construction and important differences in geometry:

Bullet Guide Series boats are built with tubes of 0.9 mm PVC-coated 1100 denier material.  Tubes are double layered on bottoms, making a 2200 denier density material.  Floors are made of a 2350 max denier 1.8 mm material.  Additionally, Guide Series boats have diminished bow/stern tubes, meaning the tube diameter decreases slightly at the bow and stern.  The Guide Series has 24″ rocker, also known as kick or rise.

Bullet Outfitter Series boats are built with tubes of 1.2 mm PVC-coated 1400 denier material.  Double-layered bottoms make a 2800 denier material.  This stronger material has a diamondback texture that distinguishes it as the thicker option.  Floors are 1.8 mm, 2350 max denier material.  Additionally, Outfitter Series boats have non-diminished bow/stern tubes, meaning the tube diameter is constant around the boat.  The Outfitter Series boats have a generous 34″ rocker, also known as kick or rise.


Guide or Outfitter?

If you plan to use your boat for anything other than commercial guiding- heavy daily use for 120-180 days per year- strongly consider the Bullet Guide. You’ll save in weight and cost and will have a performance product that meets virtually any non-commercial demands. The Bullet Outfitter is geared towards the beatings boats take under heavy commercial use; particularly exceptional situations like “flying off the roof rack when the company van hits the interstate”.


Bullets Cats come in 12′, 14′, and 16′ models.  Built with 23″ and 24″ tubes of 1.2 mm PVC-coated 1400 denier material; 8 D-Rings and 3 Scotchlite™ Reflective Bullet handles per tube- expect a performance product that is agile and buoyant on the water.  See exact Cat Specs here.

Hypalon Boats

Bullet also produces Hypalon boats in red and grey for minimum orders of 10 boats.  Bullet Hypalon boats are  made of Pennel Orca Hypalon, according to your organization’s requirements.  Contact us for a quote on 10 or more hypalon boats of any size and spec.